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Meet the Team: 10 Questions w/ Sean Lewis

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

This article is part of a six-part series asking 10 questions to each person who makes

Weber State Weekly a reality.

Our goal: help our fellow Wildcats get to know the people

behind the show.

In this installment of the “Meet the Team” series, we’ll get to know Sean Lewis, a contributor to Weber

State Weekly.

Sean is a season ticket holder to multiple Weber State sports and is one of the biggest Wildcat fans in

the world.

During his time at Weber State, Sean studied geography.

1. What are some hobbies you have, outside of sports?

Wait, people do things other than watch and argue about sports on Twitter? Who knew? Seriously,

though, I love board games. Some of my favorite games are ones that most people have never heard of.

I’m a snob about games like some people are about bands; once they hit mainstream enough that they

are popular in Utah, I’m no longer interested in them! I have yet to make it to SaltCon (Utah’s largest

board game convention), though, as it usually conflicts with the Big Sky Basketball tournament, which I

have attended each year since it went to a neutral site. I have an unhealthy amount of useless trivia

knowledge, and I have watched an absurd amount of television in my lifetime. I also occasionally binge

podcasts, read books, and watch movies.

2. Tell us something that few people know about you.

Although I have lived in Northern Utah for the majority of my life, I have never been to such iconic Utah

locales like Antelope Island or four of Utah’s five National Parks! I should probably get out more.

3. Why did you want to get involved with Weber State Weekly?

Chappy asked, and I said, “Yes.” I mean, if he could be on a podcast, surely it would be easy enough for

me to participate.

4. How did you become a Weber State fan?

I have always been a “be true to your school” type of guy. I received a partial academic scholarship to

WSU out of high school, and since it was the only discounted school offer I had, I took it. I’ve bled purple

ever since.

5. Who is your all-time favorite Wildcat?

Darin Mahoney. He is the ultimate glue guy who always hustled. Never the most talented, but always

had a place in the lineup because of hard work and grit.  Honorable mention goes to Juan Pablo Silveira,

who has one of the coolest names I’ve ever heard.

6. Which is your favorite piece of Weber State apparel that you own?

I bought a grey Henley-style, ribbed, ¾ sleeve shirt in 1998 at the bookstore. I have worn it as my

favorite loungewear for 22 years, and it almost looks as new today as the day I bought it. That shirt

seems indestructible. I love that thing and wear it often. More surprisingly, it still fits me well enough,

even though I am much heavier now than I was at the time I bought it.

7. Which is the best Weber State game that you’ve ever attended?

This is a tough one. There was the night the lights went out at Stewart Stadium in OT against Northern

Colorado. The time Scott Bamforth hit the half-court game winner at the Dee Events Center against

Northern Colorado. Heartbreak in the CIT finals. Beating Montana in the cold in the FCS Playoffs last

year. But I think winning titles have been my favorite, so I’ll declare a tie between the 2014 Men’s

Basketball title game at the Dee Events Center, or the 2016 Men’s Basketball title game in Reno.

Watching the Wildcats hoist trophies never gets old.

8. What is your greatest athletic achievement?

I peaked athletically in 6th grade basketball. So, for this one, I’m going to say being asked as a high school

student to be the PA announcer for several home basketball games my senior year. I dream of getting a

call from the Purple Palace bullpen when Robb Alexander is ready to hang up his microphone.

9. Who are your favorite sports teams, other than Weber State?

I follow the Jazz and RSL regularly. Fantasy football destroyed any desire I had to root for a single team,

so I tend to watch close finishes or favorite players.

10. What can the audience expect you to bring to Weber State Weekly?

Freezing cold takes that will be soundly ridiculed by the others on the show. I’m just here to mock


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