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Meet the Team: 10 Questions w/ Dustin Chapman

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

This article is part of a five-part series asking 10 questions to each person who makes

Weber State Weekly a reality. Our goal: help our fellow Wildcats get to know the people behind the show.

In the second installment of our "Meet the Team" series, we'll be talking with Dustin

Chapman (AKA "Chappy").

Dustin’s vision was one of the driving forces behind the creation of Weber State Weekly. He

is a proud 2008 graduate of Weber State’s Construction Management Technology program,

and is a founding member of their alumni group.

1. What are some hobbies you have, outside of sports?

 I love to barbecue and smoke meats. It’s become a passion of mine, and I now spend my

weekends experimenting and attempting to get the perfect cook.

2. Tell us something that few people know about you.

My grandfather hosted a radio show on KLO for FIFTY-FIVE years. Honestly, it’s where my

love of the radio format – what modern podcasting has become – comes from.

3. Why did you want to get involved with Weber State Weekly?

For years, I’ve felt like it was easier to be a BYU or a Utah fan living in Ogden than it was to

be a Weber State fan that lived blocks from campus. Social media has provided more

coverage than there was before, but there’s almost no spoken content on Weber State

sports. None of the existing stations are talking about it regularly, and there’s not a ton of

game day content, so I figured we’d do it ourselves!

The point that put me over the edge was last December after the Montana football playoff game. The game was over and I was freezing, and by the time I got to my car the postgame show was over on the radio but I was

still buzzing from the game! I had to know more about it. I needed breakdowns and summaries and I needed to hear people’s opinions on it… but there wasn’t anything out there. So I did the unthinkable and I turned on the Montana post-game show and listened to it for about two hours, laughing at it mostly, but enjoying the breakdowns.

4. How did you become a Weber State fan?

I went to Weber State basketball games growing up. I specifically remember Glenn “Big

Dog” Robinson from Purdue missing a 360 dunk attempt on a breakaway and his coach

immediately benching him. Coach almost went out on the court to grab him.

The real “moment,” as it were, was the ’99 NCAA victory over the University of North Carolina. I was

a senior in high school and all my friends were over at my house watching it with me. That

was so much fun. I’m a big believer in those landmark moments that create fans for life, and

Weber State needs more of them. We had one last fall when we beat Montana in the


5. Who is your all-time favorite Wildcat?

Jermaine Boyette. He led an undefeated team through conference play into the 2003 NCAA

tournament, and I went to watch in Spokane. Then he was the last guy cut from the Utah

Jazz roster the following year. I loved seeing a point guard post up in the paint.

6. Which is your favorite piece of Weber State apparel that you own?

I got a trendy North Face-type Weber State coat last winter, and I’ve worn that thing


7. Which is the best Weber State game that you’ve ever attended?

For years, when Weber made it to the NCAA tourney, I’d miss the final for one reason or

another… Or when I would go, Anthony Johnson would score 42 points and break our


Last time they made the NCAA tourney, the game was at the Dee. I was there and I

relished every moment of it. When you’re younger, you think there will always be a “next

time,” and as you get older you realize that there’s not. And in that case, with the

conference moving the tourney to a neutral site (bad move IMO – see my previous

comment on fan landmark moments), it really was the last time. I loved being there that


8. What is your greatest athletic achievement?

I was a pretty good high school athlete. My biggest achievement was playing next to and

getting to mentor then-future Wildcat David Hale my senior year of high school.

9. Who are your favorite sports teams, other than Weber State?

I love soccer. I love watching the Premier League and am partial to Spurs (that’s the

Tottenham Hotspur, for those not in-the-know) because I got to go see them play in the

Champions League semi-final versus Ajax in 2019. I was born and raised a BYU fan, so I

do watch the Cougars play and occasionally attend a game, but head-to-head, Weber

always gets my support.

10. What can the audience expect you to bring to Weber State Weekly?

Listeners can expect me to have terrible takes that are, at least, well thought out. Most

opinions I have about Wildcat athletics are things I’ve thought through for quite some time,

in order to form my opinion. I’m probably wrong, but I’ve thought it through! I love Ogden

and Weber State, and have spent an inordinate amount of time in my life thinking about how

to improve both.

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