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Meet the Team: 10 Questions w/ Dan Martinez

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

This article is part of a five-part series asking 10 questions to each person who makes

Weber State Weekly a reality.

Our goal: help our fellow Wildcats get to know the people behind the show.

In the first installment of our "Meet the Team" series, we'll be chatting with Daniel Martinez (aka "The Whisper in Your Ear"), our amazing producer.

Dan is the man behind the curtain who helps organize our segments, keep us on track, and push us a little when we're being Weber homers a little too much.

Dan graduated from Weber State in 2015 with a BS in Digital Media and Communications. He's a proud alumnus of both KWCR and Studio 76.

1. What are some hobbies you have, outside of sports?

Watching movies, talking politics and building a media empire in Ogden, and for Ogden.

2. Tell us something that few people know about you.

I love karaoke. (If you’ve met me, you know!)

3. Why did you want to get involved with Weber State Weekly?

I love creating shows and collaboration. This is my creative outlet.

4. How did you become a Weber State fan?

During my time at Weber, I helped with live production. I loved the atmosphere in the Dee!

5. Who is your all-time favorite Wildcat?

Jamaal Jenkins.

6. Which is your favorite piece of Weber State apparel that you own?

My “Live Crew” all-black t-shirt.

7. Which is the best Weber State game that you’ve ever attended?

The next one.

8. What is your greatest athletic achievement?

After the players strike, I stepped into the role of QB for the Washington Sentinels, led a heroic comeback

against a team full of pros and helped the Sentinels clinch a playoff spot with a last-second deep route to

our TE, who happened to be deaf.

9. Who are your favorite sports teams, other than Weber State?

Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Suns.

10. What can the audience expect you to bring to Weber State Weekly?

I’ll keep Colby on his toes.

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