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Game Notes: Weber State vs. Montana - February 13, 2021

(Photo taken by Weber State University)

By Dustin Chapman

-Three point shot attempts and makes were both down for Weber State. That's happened a couple of times this year, but this team is still managing to find other ways of scoring. Frankly, that hasn't always been the case for Randy Rahe teams who have had a tendency to live and die by the three. Clearly the game plan today was to shoot less threes and to work it down low.

-Weber State needs to come up with a nickname for the three big men (Dontay Bassett, Cody Carlson and Michal Kozak). Whatever we want to call them, they're doing great things for each other and for the team. Early in the season when Bassett was struggling (he only had one foul today!) it was Carlson and Kozak who stepped up. When Kozak struggled, it was Bassett and Carlson stepping up. Of late, when it's been Carlson struggling, Bassett and Kozak have stepped up to make the difference. Kozak's effort today was amazing.

-Balanced scoring, once again, was the magic formula for Weber State in this series. Five guys scored in double figures in both games against Montana. Different guys lead the way in each game, but the balance pays off. It's a pattern at this point and what a crazy luxury to have!

-The moment of the game was the possession with just over 11 minutes remaining when Dillon Jones stole the ball, Zahir Porter missed a jump shot, got his own rebound and then there was a scrum for the ball and eventually Seikou Sisoho Jawara got the rock and made a jumper. Up to that point in the game we had seen a lot of small leads and lead changes, but the hustle shown on that possession felt like a game-changing moment. Porter came down on the next possession and made a bucket and Weber State went up by six. From that moment on, the Wildcats were in control.

-It's another split series for Weber State. Three of the five series that the Wildcats have played have been split, two of those three came on the road. I'm torn on these two game sets because I really like watching the adjustments by both coaches and players having two games in three days, but, in my opinion this format will result in less season sweeps.

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