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Game Notes: Montana State vs. Weber State Basketball Game Two

(Photo provided by Weber State Athletics)

By Dustin Chapman

-Not only did we have Good Sigu today, we had MVP Sigu. He played confident and while nobody else was hitting threes, he was and it won the game for Weber State. Randy Rahe teams have a tendency to live and die by the three. If we didn't have Good Sigu today, we would have died by the three.

-The second MVP goes to Zahir Porter. Early energy and continued hustle throughout the game made him invaluable today for the Wildcats.

-Cody Carlson had an off series. It could be just as simple as a difficult matchup and it could also be that teams are keying on "The Walking Bucket". Foul trouble also cost him today, but overall it seemed like he was off. The normally reliable baby hook shot, surprisingly, just wasn't there.

-On the Weber State Weekly Instant Reaction Show last week, we talked about how the back-to-back good performances against a struggling team in Moscow was a good learning moment for the team. They needed to know how to do it going forward. That held true this weekend with the Montana State series. Coaching adjustments were made on both ends and it was a different game today than on Thursday, but the end result was the same.

-Along the lines of coaching adjustments, this Wildcats team is as balanced as any that I can remember seeing. On Thursday we saw Isiah Brown and Dontay Bassett carrying the torch, and today it was Sigu, Porter and Dillon Jones. We have a wealth of talent and options on this team that I'm not sure we've ever had. I think it helps that most of these guys are brand new this year, as well. There are no preconceived notions of who should be "the guy", so they just play well together.

-Jones came to play again, but this time it felt like it was with the non-scoring stats. On Thursday night he had more points, but today he led the team in rebounds and was second on the team in assists. "Do It All DJ" was a key contributor this weekend and deserves praise for the workman-like attitude he brings to the court. It all bodes very well for the Freshman.

-So many games last season ended with a last-second loss for Weber State. Those tough losses almost felt like the theme of the season. It's incredibly refreshing to see that even though the Bobcats cut the lead to three points with under two minutes to go on Thursday and today that the Wildcats did not wither and ended up winning the game. Perhaps the best part is that in neither contest did the game come down to the last shot or last possession.

-The game was on KJZZ again, and while the commentating was better, especially late in the game, you couldn't help but feel the virtual anger through PlutoTV from Montana State fans who had to endure their team repeatedly being called "Montana". I couldn't tell if Lance Allred, a former Wildcat, was trolling them on purpose, but either way, it was notable. Weber State fans also had to endure a little bit of Utah Jazz and Utah Utes football chat.

Let's keep up the momentum. Beat Montana.

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